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5 DIY Modern Garden Sheds (with instructions!)

Whether you are only storing a few garden tools or looking for an outdoor office, a garden shed doesn’t have to be an eyesore in your yard. A well-designed garden shed can either disappear in the landscape or be a focal point on your property.

We compiled a list of 5 modern sheds that have step by step instructions to help you build your own DIY storage building. But before you head out to the hardware store for supplies, you’ll want to take a moment to think about the different elements that might influence your choice of design.

What to consider before building a shed?

1. Local weather and climate

This is perhaps the most important point to take into account if you want your shed to last a long time. Your local climate and weather patterns will affect your choice of siding and how much extra reinforcement your building might need to last several seasons. Unusual weather events are also becoming increasingly common, so think about the worst weather damage you have had and plan for more.

2. Vegetation

Take a look at the spot you have picked out for your shed placement and assess what plants are around. Tree roots can reach about 2.5 times the size of the canopy, some a small tree may eventually heave your shed foundation if place too close. For established trees, make sure they are pruned correctly or that branches are not too close to the roof to avoid damage during storms.

3. Size and storage requirements

Make a list of everything you would like to store in your shed and make sure to add a little extra room for any unexpected additions. Are you looking to store gardening tools and equipment, overflow from your home business, or just to build an outdoor storage space to attract potential buyers?

Then measure the outdoor space you have available for your structure. If they match, you’re good to begin designing! If not, then you’ll need to determine which way to adjust: store less or build bigger. Don’t forget that shed designs can extend vertically allowing you to get extra space with the same footprint. Brainstorming creative organizing solutions like shelves and hooks might allow you to make the most of the room you do have.

4. Cost

This is likely to be one of the main determining factors when choosing a shed design. A smaller simpler design will be more cost effective than an elaborate outdoor living space. But this is also where you can be creative. Using reclaimed or found materials is an excellent way to keep costs down and a truly unique structure.

5. Design/Aesthetics

Peruse the internet for a base design (we have our favourite 5 diy sheds below), but let inspiration take over. Do you want it to blend into the background and disappear or become a focal point of your garden? Should it match the house or be a pop of colour on gloomy days? Sheds often need replacement long before a house so this is your opportunity to try something a little outside of your comfort zone. Because they are small, they can easily be repainted if you find you made the wrong choice on the first round. Let your creativity flow and pick a design that you can take pride in.

Shed designs

1. David van Alphen’s Modern Shed


The clean lines of this cute little shed make it a great decor addition to the Japanese garden next to it, but you could easily paint it black or use natural wood siding to disguise it in the landscape. The 8’x12′ footprint is a great size for tool storage or using as a studio, like in the original post.

The row of windows below the roof allow for privacy while letting in natural light, and the slant of the roof gives you the opportunity of putting a rain barrel along the back.

It is built on a wood foundation which means no need to mess with concrete.

2. Modern Shed With Deck

This shed is built on concrete piers and has a wooden base, making it a good way to ease into working with concrete if you have never done it before. The video walks you through each step of the process and a detailed materials list is provided. Two different kinds of siding options are used which adds interest to the design and makes it look more like a tiny house or garden room.

3. Lean-to Shed


If you’re looking for very detailed instructions, this is the shed for you! Andrew from AT Improvements really went above and beyond to explain each step with images and videos. The end result is a storage shed that is both stylish and functional.

In this build, Andrew uses the existing concrete pad from the old shed as the base for his new build, but also have a step-by-step tutorial on preparing the pad from scratch if needed. The large garage door is perfect for letting in fresh air or getting larger yard equipment inside.

4. Contemporary Wooden Shed


This unassuming shed design is easy to build and extremely versatile. The horizontal lines could blend in with a fence or add an architectural element to your backyard. It would also make an excellent backdrop for espalier fruit trees!

This modern shed can be built in just one day and using reclaimed materials can keep the cost down. The simplicity of the design makes it easy to adapt so have some fun and add a few customizations to make it more personal.

5. Diy Stilla Shed Kit


Finally, here is an easier option if you aren’t comfortable creating a shed from scratch: shed kits. They come predesigned, precut, and with everything that you need for installation taking a big mental load away. This one is small enough to tuck away in a corner of your backyard yet the interior provides plenty of storage space without compromising on aesthetic appeal.


Whether you opt for an elaborate build or a straightforward shed kit, DIY sheds can be a fantastic addition to your outdoor living space. We hope this list gave you some inspiration for creating your own modern shed design. And if you need some tips on getting your garden to bloom longer, check out this article.