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Our certified organic seaweed biostimulant gives your plants the extra boost to thrive all season long with only one application, whether you’re a green thumb or not!

Why Seaweed?

Adds essential micronutrients

Seaweed contains 10x more minerals than plants grown in soil, as well as essential vitamins and amino acids making it a powerful soil amendment. With a blend of four species, Seafeed is more concentrated in micronutrients than kelp products.

Boosts plant resilience

The micronutrients and biostimulant properties of seaweed make your plants stronger and allow them to better defend against stressors like pests, diseases, extreme heat, drought and light frosts.

Increases productivity

With the added nutrition, your plants are able to produce more flowers and fruit, and more consistantly throughout the season,  giving you the biggest impact regardless of the size of your garden.

Who Is Seafeed For?

If you have limited garden space and want to get the most out of your garden year after year, Seafeed is the solution to keeping your soil in peak condition.

  • Indoor gardeners
  • Outdoor gardeners
  • Urban gardeners
  • Rooftop gardeners
  • Back deck gardeners
  • Flower growers
  • Vegetable growers
  • Raised beds gardeners
  • Container gardeners

What Gardeners Are Saying About Seafeed

I am completely seduced and convinced by the product. My cyclamen has never bloomed so beautifully! It’s like a second life. I will use it for all my indoor and outdoor plants. Congratulations!

Corinne G.

I am very pleased with this new product, it has really stimulated the growth of my plants! I like that it is 100% natural, chemical free, very simple to use as it is only applied 2-4 times a year directly into the soil to nourish and stimulate.

Lise C.

I recently tried Seafeed on my indoor plants. Amazing results on my African violets which bloomed profusely a few weeks after applying seafeed. I highly recommend it!

Louise P.

Seafeed Plant Formulation

Are your plants looking tired? Give them the boost they crave with a 100% certified organic seaweed blend.


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